Daniel Johnson (orfeo517) wrote,
Daniel Johnson

Amahl and the Night Visitors

I just got back from Greensboro, Georgia, where I spent four days rehearsing and performing in Amahl and the Night Visitors.  I jumped into it at the last minute after my vocal instructor got me into a singing seminar for UGA voice students.  The professor hosting the seminar stopped me on the way out and asked me if I wanted to be in the chorus in Amahl.  "Hell yes!" I thought as I said "let me check my schedule."  I love it so far, except that I had to stay in a motel in Greensboro without much to do in between shows.  Also, I couldn't find any coffee in Greensboro.  My caffeine addiction wasn't too happy about that.  Furthermore, the performance was in a barn.  It's a very NICE barn, the kind that apparently cost millions of dollars to build, but it's still a barn, not exactly designed for performance of an opera.  The lighting wasn't very good, and I ended up falling off the makeshift stage once before they put some brightly-colored tape down.  Still, the thrill of the performance outweighed all of that, and I love the cast and the rest of the chorus. 

There's another run at the Classic Center here in Athens the weekend after next, which should go more smoothly.  Real stage, real green room, etc. 

Where is your home?

I live in a black marble palace
full of black panthers and white doves.
And you little boy, what do you do?

I was a shepherd, I had a flock of sheep.
But my mother sold them, sold them,
now there are no sheep left.
I had a black goat who gave me warm sweet milk
But she died of old age, old age,
now there is no goat left.
But mother says that now we shall both go
begging from door to door…
Won’t it be fun?

It has its points…
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