Daniel Johnson (orfeo517) wrote,
Daniel Johnson

The Fictional Character Who Shagged Me...

Taken from mrgodot, who got it from greentara...

Top 5 fictional characters I'd like to shag:

5. Major Motoko Kusanagi, from the anime Ghost in the Shell. Yeah, I know she's a cartoon cyborg. Love has crossed stranger boundaries. So has sex. Just ask anyone from the deep south.

4. Elsa Fremont, from a short detective story by Dashiell Hammett called The First Thin Man (the earlier version of The Thin Man). Hammett's description of her caused my imagination to run wild. "She had remarkably beautiful legs."

3. Kathy Gale, from the British TV show The Avengers (played by Honor Blackman, who was Pussy Galore in the James Bond film Goldfinger). Everyone else wants to shag her successor, Emma Peel (Diana Rigg), but I find Gale much more appealing.

2. Nora Charles, from the Dashiell Hammett novel The Thin Man, played in the film by Myrna Loy, possibly the most beautiful woman in the history of the world. Charming, gorgeous, witty, sexy. What else can I say?

1. The Princess (can't remember her name) from The Pink Panther, played by Claudia Cardinale, the woman that Brigitte Bardot named as her successor. The scene with her on the bear-skin rug did it. That's the reason she's #1.
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