Daniel Johnson (orfeo517) wrote,
Daniel Johnson

Beowulf - the cartoon

"I'm here to kill your monstah!"

I did enjoy Beowulf.  It was surprising, beautiful and occasionally hilarious, although most of the people in the theater weren't laughing when I was laughing, even though the humor was intentional.  The voice talent was very good.  I assume the actors would have done a fine job physically, but we'll never know, will we? 

That brings me to my only big complaint about Shrek 4...I mean Beowulf.  I'm not sure who decided it would benefit from the all-CGI treatment, but I think it was a mistake.  I'd much rather see the actual actors, even if the backdrop is mostly CGI (like in 300 or Sky Captain) than what looks like cartoon characters modeled after famous actors.  I know Grendel had to be CGI, but couldn't Beowulf have just been Ray Winstone (assuming he agreed to get in shape for the role)? 

Anyway, I'd still recommend it for fans of epic fantasy/action films.  Just be warned that it's not a kid film.  There's lots of blood and guts, and some nudity, sort of. 
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